Daliat Al Karmel Contracting - DALCO is proud, for its compatible growth with the development of infrastructure and mega projects in Saudi Arabia, and its participation at the highest levels, to provide Electromechanical services and works, to become one of the leading Establishments in contributing to urban development in the capital Riyadh and the western region. Our motto is a symbol of confidence that we did with skill and perfection, and we have done in a manner characterized by providing the best and the completion times planned. Facing all the challenges of work to prove the feasibility of the partnership and deal with us for our both customers and suppliers to come in the priorities of all DALCO employees, engineers, technicians and administrators, and this leads to success of projects. These achievements by DALCO, due to the engineering and management staff backed by a team of qualified technicians and workers trained to perfection and work within plans. In addition to facilitates the latest technology of equipments and tools. The guarantee of quality and excellence in performance to all our partners is our goal.

We are always looking forward to gain your trust.
Eng’r. Adnan Ibrahim
General Manager

Who We Are

Our journey began through the Establishment of Al - Hawasem Contracting Corporation In the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2005, as specialized in mechanical and electrical services. Then entering the Saudi market.
DALCO has grown to become a dynamic force, via its branches and projects in vital areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Engaged in General Construction of buildings, Electrical, Mechanical Renovation and Maintenance work.


Due to DALCO commitment to upgrading the continuous technical diversification, and to respond needs of our customers through the "Technical Solutions at Low Cost", the result was growing steadily since inception. Full cooperation in the construction with the largest companies such as Bin Laden Group, Isam Kabbani Company, SAMAMA Company, and other companies in the Central Region and Western Region.
Relying on our expertise and engineering skills and artistic, in addition to technical support for engineering and technical staff to improve the efficiency.


To Be the leading FIRM in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide solutions & technologies in the field of Electromechanical works.

To be an Establishment With global standards and responsibility for creativity and innovation, provide ways to represent specialized construction techniques for high quality, dedication to meet the needs of various companies and sectors, to contribute to urban renaissance, and to achieve the aspirations of modern construction.


  • Committed to the highest technical standards and engineering, to ensure full transparency, integrity and work based on trust and responsibility.

  • Excellence in providing better services, specialized construction & advice

  • Adoption of innovation and adaptation variables.

  • Pay attention to staff and to Corporation environment.

  • The spirit of the team.


Proceeding from the definition of occupational safety, which is a science designed to protect important rights and livelihood of the risks arising from work. Strive to achieve Safety First.
More important is the provision of prevention through the control and monitoring of business risks, and through careful study of the work sites and the risks posed by materials, machinery and equipment and develop appropriate solutions to avoid these risks to workers and the organization and the project on both, the lowest costs.


DALCO has a good relationship with the best companies in the fields of manufacture, supply of equipments and materials, for fields of all electromechanical systems in all regions of the Kingdom, which have the expertise and goodwill, making it eligible for the majority of public and private sectors, and to ensure the efficiency of their products and services. Including, but not limited to:

  • SAFID Company Ltd., for central airconditioning
  • Hesham Swedi, for electrical materials.
  • Mahvar Company for mechanical parts of buildings
  • Rabua Company limited Arabic for firefighting products
  • Isam Kabbani Company for electrical products
  • Bahra Company provides electricity cables
  • Maryam Company for AC products
  • Suhool Al Wafa for plumbing products.
  • Rabiah Trading Corporation for Plumbing products

Our Services

DALCO carried out all Electro Mechanical Systems in all types of Buildings either Government or Private,
provide engineering solutions in this field, through the following Divisions:-

Mechanical Division

The scope of this division is to supply and install all bellow mechanical systems as per specification, drawings and contract :

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Our Team

Mechanical Engineering Department :

  • Eng. Yousuf Zakaria
  • Eng. Waleed Herzallah
  • Eng. Moh’d Deeb
  • Eng. Osama Abdel Ghani

Electrical Engineering Department

  • Eng. Abdel Munem Talaat
  • Eng. Amjad Al Amleh
  • Eng. Saleh Draghmeh
  • Eng. Taleb Zaki

Supervisors :

  • Mahmoud Shriem
  • Moh’d Adel
  • Imad Anamoul
  • Moh’d Navid


  • Electrical Technician
  • Plumbers
  • AC Technicians & Duct fitters
  • Helpers/Labors

Organizational Chart

Sample Project